Create Vocal-Only Acapellas + Instrumentals Using PhonicMind’s AI

By Dan White On Dec 22, 2017 Spotted earlier this week on ProductHunt, PhonicMind is a new tool that could be incredibly useful for producers, beatmakers, DJs, and karaoke jockeys alike. It’s an AI-powered web tool that allows a user to quickly upload any track and quickly get two files: an instrumental and a vocals-only acapella. Developer: Simanas Ven?kauskas Service: PhonicMind Pricing: $3.99 per song, bundle rates down to $1.50 per song Can You Actually Pull Out Vocals With AI? Yes, it does seem to do a decent job at extracting vocals from completely finished tracks. First, upload a song: You quickly get samples of a karaoke (instrumental) and vocals (acapella) tracks – 30 seconds each,

Push Turn Move: An Ultimate Tome Of Music Gear Design

By Markkus Rovito On Dec 15, 2017 Designing technology for performance and music making with is an art form. But until now, no one took on the challenge of chronicling the evolution of this design process. A new book, Push Turn Move, has just dropped – and it might be the most invigorating analysis of DJ and production gear design we’ve ever seen. Keep reading for a full review and insights from DJTT’s Markkus Rovito. Push Turn Move: Interface Design in Electronic Music Ever wondered how your favorite music hardware and software comes into being? Push Turn Move guides you into the design processes of some of the most iconic gear developers of all time, including Roland, Native Instruments, A

How To Color Code Tracks In Your DJ Collection

By Dan White On Dec 18, 2017 Looking for a good New Year’s resolution? How about adding a new level of organization to your DJ music collection; using color coding. In today’s article, we’ve rounded up a few great ways to use track color coding to your advantage when prepping your library. Every single modern DJ platform now has track-based color coding – from CDJs to Serato DJ, and (just recently), Traktor Pro. Serato DJ probably has the best implementation – they also have color-codable cues and loops, and when you drop a color-coded track onto a deck, the platter changes colors to match the code. What’s Worth Color Coding? The number one tip I give to anyone looking to organize their DJ l

How To Record + Mix A DJ Set With Live Crowd Noise

By Cameron Lichtenstein Want to make your DJ mixes that you record in the club in front of an audience sound professional and live? Guest contributor Cameron Lichtenstein shares what you need to get the cheering crowd into your next mix. It’s a cool effect that makes people listening to your mix feel like they were right there on the dance floor. Intro So you threw down a killer set this weekend. Sweet! But the magic doesn’t stop there. More than ever, DJs are posting recordings of their sets so fans can listen back and relive them. One of the best ways to give your listeners the feeling of actually being at the party, in the middle of the dance floor is to incorporate ambience from the crow

Soda: Completely Customizable DJ App For IOS; Up To 8 Decks

What happens when you have complete control over your DJ application’s interface? With many DJ software, you might be able to turn on or off various sections of the UI – but what about changing the layout entirely to your liking?  Soda, a newly launched DJ app for iOS, allows users to adjust almost every element in its design. Keep reading for a quick overview. App: Soda Developer: zerodebug Price: $9.99 Availability: Currently in the App Store Requirements:iOS 9.3 or later The Interface Soda’s release notes make clear that it’s an app best used on iPad or iPhones with at least a 4.7″ screen (that’s an iPhone 6 or larger). It makes sense – with the ability to design and customize the interfa

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