StagelinQ + Timecode: Denon’s SC5000 Prime Now Control Visuals

Dean Zulueta On Jan 25, 2018 There is a lot of chatter around Denon DJ after the release of the SC5000 Prime last year. Today, Denon DJ announced a unique partnership with BLCKBOOK, the set design company behind the software, Timecode, which is used all around the world to connect the front of house with the DJ booth to coordinate visuals. By combining Denon’s track information protocol StagelinQ and BLCKBOOK’s Timecode software, the front of house can see exactly what the DJ is doing in the booth. Product: StageLinQ + Timecode Manufacturer: Denon DJ (StageLinQ) and BLCKBOOK (Timecode) Availability: Available Now with Timecode Price: Included feature for Denon’s SC5000 and X1800 The Importan

Phase Looks To Replace DVS Timecode With Wireless Vinyl Tracking: NAMM 2018

Dan White On Jan 25, 2018 The era of DVS might be finally coming to a close – and we’re not talking about the Rane Twelve controller. MWM (the company behind the wireless MixFader), has announced Phase, a new wireless tracker for turntable DJs. Instead of using cartridges, needles, and control vinyl, Phase allows DJs to wirelessly control the position of a record with a single control remote. Phase: Remotes for Your Turntables Product: Phase Manufacturer: MWM Price: estimated $200 – $300 for a set (two remotes and a receiver) Availability: Will launch in ~6 months What’s The Big Deal? The last 15 years for DVS-style DJs have been focused on timecode vinyl and needles. Only in the last year h

Volca Mix: Korg’s Compact Gear Mixer

By Dean Zulueta On Jan 24, 2018 Korg’s Volca hardware has been a fan favorite among producers. The Volca Bass, FM, Keys, Sample, and Synth were all designed to be portable – as well as to sound lush and richly analog. Rumors floated around that Korg may be making a Volca mixer to tie the series together. For NAMM, the company is announcing Volca Mix, the analog mixer that completes a Volca setup. Controller: Volca Mix Manufacturer: Korg Availability: Available January 2018 Price: $169.99 The Volca Mix is an analog mixer with four channels: two mono inputs, one stereo input, and an auxiliary in jack for send/receive connections. Each of those inputs (besides the Aux input) has its own Filter

DJM-REC: Pioneer DJ’s New Set Recorder For IOS

By Dean Zulueta On Jan 23, 2018 DJs from every genre like to record mixes. Recording mixes give DJs a portfolio of their work and re-listening to old mixes is a great constructive practice. However, recording a mix can be stressful. Everything is dark, the DJ before is still packing up, there is no room to start plugging into the mixer, and the song the other DJ left playing ends in 45 seconds. Pioneer is now coming to DJs aide with a new app for iPhones and iPads which enables easy recording and sharing of DJ mixes. App: DJM-REC Developer: Pioneer DJ Price: $9.99 Availability: Currently in the App Store Requirements: iOS 8 or later DJM-REC Overview Ease of Use The DJM-REC uses a lightning c

DDJ-1000: Pioneer DJ Built A Dedicated Rekordbox DJ Controller

By Dan White On Jan 16, 2018 NAMM is almost here, and Pioneer DJ is ready. Today they’re announcing the DDJ-1000, a brand new controller for their Rekordbox DJ software. With new on-jog displays, CDJ-sized jogwheels, and new FX, the DJS-1000 is clearly designed to be a controller that almost exactly mirrors what you would get with a full Pioneer club setup. Keep reading for details! Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000 Controller: DDJ-1000 Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ Availability: Mid-February (on preorder in the DJTT store) Price: $1,199 (includes Rekordbox DJ license) The DDJ-R line was Pioneer DJ’s first line of dedicated controllers specifically for their own DJ software, Rekordbox DJ. But the design and

Pioneer DJ’s DJS-1000: First Impressions Review

By DJ Ravine On Jan 15, 2018 The Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 was a bit of an odd product launch. In many ways, it’s a new piece of DJ gear designed to rest alongside a full CDJ setup. But it’s also very similar to the Toraiz SP-16, sharing many of the same features. Today, guest reviewer DJ Ravine shares his thoughts on the DJS-1000 Product: DJS-1000 Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ Availability: Right now (limited stock in the DJTT store) Price: $1,199 Best Features: Sync, pitch and form factor allow the DJS-1000 to sit perfectly in an existing Nexus setup. More approachable than the SP-16. Still Needs Work: Still has a 32 second limit per sample (however an increase to 64 seconds is coming soon). Lacking

DJ Gear Trends + Predictions For 2018

By Dan White On Dec 27, 2017 This week is the end of 2017, so instead of a roundup article, we thought it would be exciting to look forward. Let’s gaze into our crystal ball of DJ gear speculation and attempt to predict what trends and changes we’ll see in our industry in 2018. Traktor Will (Hopefully) Reboot We love Traktor Pro 2, but it has been somewhat stagnant for a while. For DJs who never found Remix Decks or Stems practical for their styles/setups, the last few major updates to Native Instruments’ DJ software have been lackluster. We still think there’s a great potential in the Traktor ecosystem – and even though it was incredibly small, seeing a new feature added to the software (co

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