Out Now: Serato DJ Pro 2.0 + Serato DJ Lite 1.0

By Dan White On Feb 26, 2018 Finally out of the private closed beta, two brand new versions of Serato’s DJing software are launching today: Serato DJ Pro 2.0 and Serato DJ Lite 1.0. The new releases include an updated refresh of the user interface, an offline practice mode, and 64-bit support. Keep reading for the full details. Serato DJ Pro 2.0 So Serato DJ is now called Serato DJ Pro – renamed to keep it the clear premium option against Serato DJ Lite (formerly Serato DJ Intro). In the new version of Pro, there are a number of major changes that catapult the software forward. Watch Serato’s official announcement video below, then keep reading: In text summary, the new features in Serato DJ

Mad Zach Gets Hands-On With MPC Live

By Mad Zach On Feb 14, 2018 Mad Zach emerges from tour mode to check out one of the more interesting standalone production tools released recently: the Akai MPC Live. Wondering what a real producer with years of MPC history thinks of this touchscreen-centric workstation? Read on and watch his demo video in this article. Mad Zach + The MPC Live I have a longstanding and somewhat complicated relationship with the MPC. After buying and selling three different 2000XLs, its safe to say something about them absolutely tickles me – but at the same time, they can be a huge pain. The tone is classic, the workflow somehow zen. That said, I can usually do the same functions in Ableton in a fraction of

Win A Limited Edition Gold Midi Fighter 3D

By Dan White On Feb 22, 2018 The Midi Fighter 3D is an iconic controller that has made its way into thousands of production studios, live show setups, DJ rigs, and even sports broadcasting control rooms. It has withstood the test of time, so we thought a great way to honor it would be to make a new limited edition with all gold buttons. Introducing the Midi Fighter 3D Gold Edition – we’ve made twenty, and in this article we’re giving one away. Keep reading to enter. In order to make this limited edition possible, we had to devise a way to modify just the buttons on a fully assembled Midi Fighter 3D. Thanks to some magic and a bit of elbow grease from our Midi Fighter assembly expert Sondra,

Subaholic's - Hybrid Sensation

An incredible travel throughout the sensations & emotions that future, hybrid, liquid & bass music infuse. The track an exemplary complex refrain that makes a perfect companion for an intense gaming adventure or a powerful workout. Subaholic's knows how to tap into your adrenaline & exploits this ability well in his latest release

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